Special guest Xaq Fixx discusses how he came to libertarian anarchism, DIY culture, BureauCrash and Fr33Agents. Topics also include the death of Ronnie James Dio, protests against NJ governor Chris Christie, flyers. Bosco pitches questions from co-workers to bile, Darian and Xaq Fixx about anarchy.

Music heard: Holy Diver by Dio, CNN War Theme by Monster Magnet, Ich Bin Ein Auslander by Pop Will Eat Itself, White Room (cover) by Demons & Wizards

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4 Responses to “2010-05-18”

  1. blogofbile (bile) Says:

    Thinking Liberty 2010-05-18: http://tinyurl.com/3476pah #tlot

  2. DarianWorden.com» Blog Archive » Thinking Liberty 5-18-2010 Says:

    […] Download the archive from ThinkingLiberty.net. […]

  3. Mike Gogulski Says:

    You played “Holy Diver”. Good Darian! Now to listen 🙂

  4. justino Says:

    Xaq was talking about ways to communicate the idea of agorism. I’ll usually talk about trading in silver and bartering. Those seem to get the most positive reaction.

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