Guest Dr. Mary Ruwart joins us; bombastic yelling of dates; new head mount mic; gun ownership rises as crime lowers; “Thinking Liberty does not support drunk driving”; meat eaters should go hunting; Mary Ruwart talks about the FDA and it’s roles; how people die waiting for the FDA to allow drugs to goto market; how a freer market would negate the need for drug patients; the wealth of the poor in a freer market; what if the FDA had liability; stevia; Healing Our World; research in the current environment; Ruwart possibly working on a work of fiction; Mary’s reasons for working within the Libertarian Party; Laur’s birthday; “woman’s work”; who controls Thinking Liberty; Montana politician advocates banning homosexual sex; Darian can’t figure out that the mic needs to be on to hear him; Draw Mohammad Day artist goes into hiding; Darian thinks the Matrix is the best movie ever; the Pope and anti-atheist statements; Hitler’s religious beliefs; interviewing bugs; Adam Mueller of Liberty On Tour’s Las Vegas arrest; staying free.

Music heard: Sunshine by 12 Rounds; I am Organic by Meat Beat Manifesto; Peace N Glitta N Phasion by Glampire; Don’t Pray On Me by Bad Religion

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