Guest Karen Emory of DelValley Silver; bile explains how he fought the US federal government and won; trolling; libertarian purity; lockpicks; Karen Emory talks about silver and why it’s a good substitute for Federal Reserve Notes; using sliver to defend oneself from werewolves; using silver for a means of exchange rather than investments; Thinking Liberty Live Journal; Darian and Bosco’s dog scaring the cats; Bosco goes to a greenĀ festival; being green and libertarian; Darian talks about watching Troll 2; Tennyson calls to talk about Libertopia; Steve Jobs misquotes TweetDeck and bashes Android & RIM.

Music heard: Monogamy by Pop Will Eat Itself; Better by Guns N’ Roses; The Whisperers by The The; Eleanor Rigby by Godhead.

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  1. thinknliberty (Thinking Liberty) Says:

    Thinking Liberty: 2010-10-19 http://tinyurl.com/235d59k

  2. darianworden (Darian Worden) Says:

    Check out last night’s Thinking Liberty – http://thinkingliberty.net/2010-10-19/ Silver, #photo regulations, environmental libertarianism

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