Guest host Perry Metzger; guest Bruce Wagner from BitcoinMe.com; the coming snowpocalypse; the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords; what is BitCoin, value of each coin, BitCoin online exchanges, how useful is it?, could it be hacked?; supporter of liberty, Shaun Lee, apparently pushed down stairs by husband; libertarian activism effectiveness; nanotech; why not to worry about grey goo;  what if you don’t create these nanotechs?; killing cancer; to cyborg or not to cyborg.

Music heard: Modern Times of Rock ‘N’ Roll by Queen; Quite Unusual by Front 242; Eulogy by Judas Priest; My Alcoholic Friends by Dresden Dolls

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5 Responses to “2011-01-11”

  1. thinknliberty (Thinking Liberty) Says:

    Thinking Liberty: 2011-01-11 http://tinyurl.com/483r4sm

  2. Garrett Says:

    Great show last night guys. Thanks.

  3. Darian Says:

    We had planned to discuss this article but ran out of time:


  4. Eric Fontaine Says:

    I really enjoyed this show! I’m a big proponent of bitcoin, so I’m glad you had Richard Wager on. I just sent you guys 10 bitcoins…hopefully I will keep listening to you guys and will keep donating. And Perry Metzger was very interested guest!

  5. FUND THE GOOD FIGHT: long-time activist Shaun Lee is in need of your help… – Hammer of Truth Says:

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