Sans Darian; followup on the property discussion from last week; lots of tech news: former NSA apologizes for spy software he wrote; SCOTUS rules on warrant case; expensive LED lightbulbs; rocket pack guy; faster transistors; incomplete Who Am I?

Music heard: Rebels in Kontrol by KMFDM; The Poverty of Philosophy by Immortal Technique; Nitro (Youth Energy) by The Offspring.

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3 Responses to “2011-05-17”

  1. thinknliberty (Thinking Liberty) Says:

    Thinking Liberty: 2011-05-17 http://tinyurl.com/3r8knun

  2. doodz Says:

    Just to comment on your discussion regarding the liberty dollar, the prosecuting attorney quite infamously said that what the defendant was doing was “unique form of domestic terrorism”. Just search “unique form of domestic terrorism” for the news story.

    Yes, it’s simultaneously fantastically funny and disturbingly Orwellian.

  3. Xaq Fixx Says:

    Really enjoying this weeks episode, sorry I missed it live.

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