Injecting liberty into walls; Tennyson’s beard is more beardier; Bosco’s bike trip through Manhattan and working with the Appalachian Service Project; Kevin Carson interview; when and how he got where he is now; monopoly capitalism; overproduction; mutual banking; small scale vs. larger scale production in a freed market; Carson’s opinion of Mises crew; Carson’s new book in the works, The Desktop Regulatory State; sources and influences; deontological or consequentialist?; opinion on Georgism; puns; Radical Abundance; record 48 live listeners.

Music heard: Dec V by Godhead; MK Ultra by Muse; Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin; She Visits Me by VAST.

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11 Responses to “2011-07-26”

  1. Louis B. Says:

    Is “Landlord von Racist” based on an actual comment?

  2. thinknliberty (Thinking Liberty) Says:

    Thinking Liberty: 2011-07-26 http://tinyurl.com/3dy47ho

  3. bosco Says:

    Yup, someone called Baron von Darrin that once.

  4. Kevin Carson interview | Agorist.dk Says:

    […] den mutualistiske teoretiker, Kevin Carson, som er værd at høre. Du kan downloade podcasten fra deres hjemmeside. Interviewet starter ca. 29 minutter […]

  5. Kevin Carson Speaks! Says:

    […] been too busy Misesing to have a chance to listen to it yet. But here it is. (function() {var s = document.createElement('SCRIPT'), s1 = […]

  6. Ben Says:

    Wow, this is insufferable. Even worse than his Iranian TV interview.

  7. rOss Says:

    Wow, now I know why he has kept quiet so long. He sounds like a second grade moron.

  8. Haha Says:

    Haha. He can’t even mention private property when discussing the environment!

  9. bile Says:

    I’d like to point out that “Ben”, “rOss” and “Haha” all have the same IP address. Coming from Manchester, NH.

  10. Todd S. Says:

    Wow, now I know that Ben/rOss/Haha is an insufferable second-grade-educated moron.

  11. Thrasymachus Says:


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