Labor day vs. May day; streaming technical difficulty; Puritans taking out the competition; leisure vs. amusement;  Fixx Brewing’s 99 beers segment; Julian Heicklen found guilty of contempt, given 145 days in jail; John Lennon’s Imagine; interview with Jeremy Weiland; IWW conference; IWW and libertarianism; cutting oneself off from online arguments; nitpicking other isms; seeing biases in arguments; Jeremy, Bosco and Tennyson talk rap; updates on Libya; Thinking Liberty to change frequency and day of live recording due to time constraints of hosts, details to come.

Music heard: Vengeance by The Protomen; Imagine by John Lennon; Beat It by John 5; City Noise by Scarling.

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4 Responses to “2011-09-06”

  1. Thinking Liberty » Announcement: upcoming Thinking Liberty changes Says:

    […] cost of traveling will be increased somewhat significantly too. As a result, as announced on the 2011-09-06 show, sometime starting in October Thinking Liberty will be moving to a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. […]

  2. Fredagslinks 9/9/11 | Agorist.dk Says:

    […] altid gode podcast Thinking Liberty har haft besøg af venstre-libertarianeren, Jeremy Weiland. Fra omkring 48 minutter inde i […]

  3. Chris Says:

    Was surprised to here the Protomen as bumper music. Good call.

  4. bile Says:

    I have eclectic tastes. One of them is videogame inspired music.

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