Good bad movies; body scanners in UK train stations; freer market security; Keith Taylor talks about co-ops; 99 beers segment brought to you by Fixx Brewing; Obama bringing back Arrested Development; Netflix spin off DVD business; Supreme Court copyright ruling; Apple announces iPhone 4S; physics Nobel Prize; http://cinemassacre.com‘s Monster Madness; Occupy Wall Street updates.

Music heard: Rock is Dead by Marilyn Manson; Homes – Ghost Parlor Ka -6 To… by And So I Watch You From Afar; Scrawled In Sap by 16 Horsepower; Automatic by Lucky Pierre.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    A lot of your comments about airport security in a free society presuppose the authoritarian agencies and their associated databases of no-fly names and the like. Please be mindful of these statist paradigms.

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