Announcement: upcoming Thinking Liberty changes

Due to Darian’s recent conversion to state communism, Bosco’s decision to join the United States Marines and Tennyson’s new job as a Washington DC lobbyist for Monsanto the producer of Thinking Liberty has decided to change the name of the show to Acting Violently. The show’s hosts former selves would like to thank you all for listening and hope you continue carrying on the torch of liberty because clearly these bums have failed miserably. The new hosts however would like to inform you that you will all be assimilated. Resistance if futile.

Actually… real announcement is that the Thinking Liberty hosts are in fact rather strapped for time and with new toll increases the cost of traveling will be increased somewhat significantly too. As a result, as announced on the 2011-09-06 show, sometime starting in October Thinking Liberty will be moving to a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. The day of recording (still live and in the evening) may change also. We may lengthen the show to 3 hours. Should there be anyone in the NYC / Edgewater, NJ area who would be interested in being a regular in-studio host please contact us as that may be a possibility to keep the frequency of productions up. The hosts are still working out the details of the change but wanted to give everyone a heads up. We really appreciate your support and will try our best to keep the bombast flowing. If you donate regularly to the show and wish to scale back due to our slacking we won’t shame you… much.

Again, thanks for your support. Enjoy the archives. We’ll still be on weekly till at least the October 11th show when we’ll have the pickling contest. And please…. could you get the Koch brothers to fund us so we can get back to bombasting?! Thanks. –bile

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