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January 14th, 2012

Bosco is trying to get Vermin Supreme as a guest.


January 13th, 2012

Happy New Year; Yoda burger; printing meat; new headphones; ROBOT HOUSE!; latex seats?; Tony Iommi sick; Santorum, Santorum… Santorum; Obama signs NDAA; Santorum; defending Obama; Dan Zauderer and Devin Balkind talk Occupy movement; Fixx Brewing segment; DIY vanilla extract; bile rambles about CES news; survivalists; anti-depression and exercise pills; Armagedon!

Music heard: No Fun by SONOIOHaus der Lüege by Einstürzende Neubauten; Crown by Schwein; Salt Water by The The.

Next Show: 2012-01-12

January 6th, 2012

Join us on the 12th for another thrilling adventure of Thinking Liberty!


December 9th, 2011

indefinite detention; war on drugs; check cashing not regulated enough; Thinking Liberty brand pickles; war with Iran; NYC politicians; NYPD; Fixx Brewing’s 99 Beers segment; Bosco’s backhow purchase; Jim’s hunting story; ancient Iceland; occupying foreclosed homes.

Music heard: Immigrant Song by Karen O, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross; Pig Hunt by Impotent Sea Snakes; The Hollow by A Perfect Circle.