Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
Bosco not around, volunteering; new Thinking Liberty poster; Anonymous members arrested by FBI; Murdock newspaper hacks phone of kidnap victim; PostPolitical.us interview; Darian’s latest hiking trip and bile’s tubing; Spanish Civil War email; Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller found not guilty of wiretapping and trespassing in Greenfield, MA; Darian gives us some bad puns; peeing on shoes; a new Gaza boat issue; over protecting children; Apple tech news; 10k clock.


Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

New equipment in the studio; Egypt; Anonymous and Wikileaks; upcoming AltExpo; guest Stephan Kinsella talks all aspects of libertarian intellectual property and legal theory; accidental silence; bosco’s books; government school authoritarianism; Tennyson’s recounts CPAC; IBM Watson.

Music heard: Ice Planet Hell by Youth Gone Mad; Every Day is a World War by Vile Evils; The Gnome by Pink Floyd; Spanish Caravan by The Doors.


Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Patriot act provisions fail to pass; Skynet vs. The Matrix; David D’Amato talks the recent middle east protesting and growing revolution; neo-paleo markism; Urban Dictionary; bile’s chalazion; FSP members push for a more open New Hampshire government; efficient activism; Anonymous hacks security company, movies, videogames; nanotech news; bosco’s dream of Darian dressed in a wedding dress; making boozie booze; Hackers; Sony sends bile DMCA takedown notice.

Music heard: Dawn of Seasons by Benedictum; Disappearing by Screaming Trees; Max Overload by Acid.