Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Injecting liberty into walls; Tennyson’s beard is more beardier; Bosco’s bike trip through Manhattan and working with the Appalachian Service Project; Kevin Carson interview; when and how he got where he is now; monopoly capitalism; overproduction; mutual banking; small scale vs. larger scale production in a freed market; Carson’s opinion of Mises crew; Carson’s new book in the works, The Desktop Regulatory State; sources and influences; deontological or consequentialist?; opinion on Georgism; puns; Radical Abundance; record 48 live listeners.

Music heard: Dec V by Godhead; MK Ultra by Muse; Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin; She Visits Me by VAST.


Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Libertarian activist Danial Patrick (@danpatricks) joins Darian Worden, bile, Bosco and Tennyson to discuss US imperialism, the military and activism. Topics also include Darian and bile’s helping to distribute the Manhattan Libertarian Party‘s tabloid Serf City on the morning of 2010-05-10 with the MLP and Ernie Hancock, the debate between Hancock and Wayne Allyen Root that night, the Free State Project’s 2010 PorcFest opening speaker Stefan Molyneux, and anarchists and their beards.
Music heard: Endgame by Megadeth, Dialectic Chaos by Megadeth, Babylon by The Tea Party