Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Topics include Liberty on Tour‘s Adam Mueller being aggressively approached by an officer in Edgewater, NJ; Uncle Sam propagandizing in Times Square; upcoming protests in support of Bradley Manning; guest Sharon Presley talks about Milgram experiments, demands of authority, social psychology, being critical of authority, Milgram experiment followups, her books on resisting authority; Thinking Liberty begging for donations; zapping Tennyson for talking off mic; Tennyson’s birthday; Bosco’s “Who am I?” game; nano-wire batteries; the state and federal government getting in the way of cleaning up the Raritan Bay; Bosco being a Wheels off Liberty H.O.M.O.; and the August 28th NJ libertarian “freaken picnic.”

Music heard: Reconquering the Throne by Kreator, Make Me Believe by Slick Idiot, For the Love of Chains by Impotent Sea Snakes, (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do by Filter / The Crystal Method.


Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

The gang talks about the arrest of alleged leaker of what became the Collateral Murder video, Bradley Manning. Gave an update on Julian Heicklen who had been released just prior to show start and who’s wife called during the break to inform bile Julian was finally safely back home. Guest Donald Meinshausen joins in to talk about building bridges with other activist groups, finding common ground, provides some stories regarding his years in the libertarian movement and his personal adventures in the underground economy. bile provides an update on his case against the Department of Homeland Security and bosco tries to stump people with questions about a mystery fighter for freedom.

Music heard: Paint It Black by Rolling Stones, The Wicker Man by Iron Maiden, Metal by Gary Numan, Don’t Tread On Me by Sons of Liberty