Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

G_Rizzle joins to talk reprap3D printing’s first copyright complaint; Xaq Fixx also joins us; Sony v. Hotz lawsuit ends; videogame stories; NYC Anarchist Book Fair; what’s important about today’s date; Keynesianism and their failures in economic policy; people who are ignorant regarding the facts of an argument they are making; Bosco’s radio setup; college stories; is schooling worth it?; PorcFest!

Music heard: Haunted by Gary Numan; Situation by Pig; An Unkind by Soundgarden.


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Guest co-host gofasterplease joins us on bosco’s mic. Topics include space travel, the upcoming monster movie Chartarum, the secret America, Laur’s Lucha Liberty Thinking Liberty poster, Liberty On Tour, copyright and the creator-endorsed mark, ownership of children, outlawing self defense, an update on bile’s court case against the DHS, ACLU and 2nd Amendment cases, fines for picking up trash and the state forbidding recycling, the mass arrest of Free Keene activists, Wikipedia’s List of Misconceptions, fascism, and the border between the USA and Mexico.

Music heard: Pill Shovel by Monster Magnet, War Pimp Renaissance by Lard, Let There Be More Light by Pink Floyd, The Space in Between by How to Destroy Angels