Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Guest Karen Emory of DelValley Silver; bile explains how he fought the US federal government and won; trolling; libertarian purity; lockpicks; Karen Emory talks about silver and why it’s a good substitute for Federal Reserve Notes; using sliver to defend oneself from werewolves; using silver for a means of exchange rather than investments; Thinking Liberty Live Journal; Darian and Bosco’s dog scaring the cats; Bosco goes to a greenĀ festival; being green and libertarian; Darian talks about watching Troll 2; Tennyson calls to talk about Libertopia; Steve Jobs misquotes TweetDeck and bashes Android & RIM.

Music heard: Monogamy by Pop Will Eat Itself; Better by Guns N’ Roses; The Whisperers by The The; Eleanor Rigby by Godhead.


Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Guests Mike Barskey and Stephanie Murphy of Porc Therapy and Masood Manoochehri of Students for Liberty; the quality of the different Indiana Jones films; bad puns; the US government claiming that the possible assassinations of US citizens is a state secret so it can’t be challenged in court; insulting Masood; inspiration; Boardwalk Empire; anti-war protesters raided for supposed links to terrorists; anarcho-podcasts; more bad puns; Porc Therapy being a means to help individuals deal with conflicts; pun-casts; Grafton Gulch; integer prices; are libertarians more prone to interpersonal conflict; Grafton Gulch food vendors harassed by state employee; the suicide of one of Tennyson’s friends; dealing with suicides; dangerous/fun chemicals; the Students for Liberty and their role in the student liberty movement; working with groups that promote some aspect of liberty; reaching out to highschool students; Masood gets to dodge the “is he an anarchist” question; Darian’s commentary on George Donnelly’s arrest video and bosco being retarded in not noticing the commentary was a response to the video; bile trying to get his $0.67 from the IRS and preview of things to come regarding his lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security; gold vending machines coming to the US; DelValley Silver and the Liberty Dollar; the federal governments wants backdoors into all internet services and encryption methods; news on getting rid of the necessity for sleep; the end of aging; using meth to stop sleeping; new, very thin solar cells; Chicago I.W.W. trying to start up a bus line which the city closed

Music heard: Something Wonderful by Revolting Cocks; Rain by Psychotica; Northern Fall by Korpiklaani; Billie Jean by Chris Cornell