Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Thinking Liberty is based on violence; bile deafens the audience; PorcFest donations; hipsters ruining obscure things; some in US government want to take down Tor, BitCoin, Silk Road; encryption; Enlace’s Danial Carrillo speaks about prison divestment; computer crash; Laur’s Spartan Race story; Food Not Bombs activists arrested; new Apple products; new Sony PS Vita; new Nintendo Wii U; thinks we’ve been reading.

Music heard: Young Modern Station by Silverchair; Pink Lipstick by Impotent Sea Snakes; Easy Hypocrites (David Bowie vs. Bob Marley) from Ziggy Stardust Remixed; Butterfly by Screaming Trees.

Guest Announcement: Bruce Wagner from BitcoinMe.com

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Our first guest of the new year, Bruce Wagner of BitcoinMe.com, will be joining the crew to talk digital currency, economics, and encryption.


Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Guests Mike Barskey and Stephanie Murphy of Porc Therapy and Masood Manoochehri of Students for Liberty; the quality of the different Indiana Jones films; bad puns; the US government claiming that the possible assassinations of US citizens is a state secret so it can’t be challenged in court; insulting Masood; inspiration; Boardwalk Empire; anti-war protesters raided for supposed links to terrorists; anarcho-podcasts; more bad puns; Porc Therapy being a means to help individuals deal with conflicts; pun-casts; Grafton Gulch; integer prices; are libertarians more prone to interpersonal conflict; Grafton Gulch food vendors harassed by state employee; the suicide of one of Tennyson’s friends; dealing with suicides; dangerous/fun chemicals; the Students for Liberty and their role in the student liberty movement; working with groups that promote some aspect of liberty; reaching out to highschool students; Masood gets to dodge the “is he an anarchist” question; Darian’s commentary on George Donnelly’s arrest video and bosco being retarded in not noticing the commentary was a response to the video; bile trying to get his $0.67 from the IRS and preview of things to come regarding his lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security; gold vending machines coming to the US; DelValley Silver and the Liberty Dollar; the federal governments wants backdoors into all internet services and encryption methods; news on getting rid of the necessity for sleep; the end of aging; using meth to stop sleeping; new, very thin solar cells; Chicago I.W.W. trying to start up a bus line which the city closed

Music heard: Something Wonderful by Revolting Cocks; Rain by Psychotica; Northern Fall by Korpiklaani; Billie Jean by Chris Cornell