Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

USA! USA!; Osama bin Laden’s death and all things related; gardening; having a place to be drunk safely; May Day; Kevin Carson‘s latest article on local production; making people feel old.

Music heard: A Crystal Ship by The Doors; Violator by Machinae Supremacy; Waters Leaking by Two


Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Guest Sheldon Richman; Tennyson’s wool socks and being a snappy dresser; hiding things behind one’s beard; the Thinking Liberty secret society; the anti-anti-Islamic community center rally; Koran burning; Darian’s latest C4SS article; Kevin Carson’s The Real Curriculum of “Public” Education; Bosco comments on government education and the start of the school year; Darian hating the word “curriculum”; creating an environment to learn; Tennyson’s totalitarian trip to Canada; Bosco’s composting bin and his raised bed city gardening; motorcycle gangs shredding post apocalyptic crops; hunter gathering vs farming; rabbits like amoebas; goats vs humans and domestication; genetically modified salmon; the miners who are trapped in the mine in Chile; the new Alliance Journal coming up in December; Humboldt County: the Movie; the Who Am I? game; self repairing solar cells; requesting donations; the pre-recorded Sheldon Richman interview

Music heard: Butterfly by Jeff Scott Martin; Everything by Pig