Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Guests Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller of Liberty on Tour; Darian taking off his belt to do the mic check; Obama spending time in India; Liberty on Tour updates; how can a liberty minded individual be active where they are; moving to New Hampshire / Free State Project; contacting local government and questioning their actions; the future of the Liberty on Tour crew; hanging out with Xaq Fixx and eating Indian food; how Indian food will help anarchy; James Babb calls to talk about WeWontFly.com; raising awareness about the “porno body scanners”; what is the risk of the scanners; Bosco goes into the wilderness and has existential incident; solitary confinement;┬áretina implants offer infrared pickup.

Music heard: The Prettiest Star by David Bowie; Empty Glass by The Tea Party; The Mark Has Been Made by Nine Inch Nails; Uncle Toms Cabin by Warrant.


Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Guest James Babb joins us to discuss the latest arrest of Julian Heicklen and liberty activism around the Del-Valley area. Also featuring updates on Bradley Manning, Bosco’s Who Am I game, AltExpo, nukes, and ass-water.

Music heard: We Die Young by Alice in Chains, I’m Deranged by David Bowie, Free by VAST, Mr. Sandman by Blind Guardian

James Babb on Thinking Liberty June 15

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Don’t miss Thinking Liberty tonight as we discuss Julian Heicklen’s latest arrest, talk with activist James Babb, explore anarchism, and more!

8-10pm Eastern.