Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

On this episode of Thinking Liberty Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller of Liberty on Tour join bosco, bile, Tennyson and Darian to kick off their new adventure. We talk about Chelsie Clinton’s wedding; the who’s, what’s why’s and how’s of Liberty on Tour; libertarian outreach; FIJA outreach with Julian Heicklen; bosco’s trip to Grafton, New Hampshire; voluntarists voting; WikiLeaks and how awesome Julian Assange is; Pete taking his shirt off; a study showing increases in cancer in Fallujah, Iraq;  a man offering free rides to drunk individuals being arrested in a sting for not having appropriate government permission; and the new awesomely powerful graphene pseudo magnet.

Music heard: Was Ist Ist by Einsturzende Neubauten, On My Bus by Plone, Darker by Professional Murder Music, Trogdor by Strongbad


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Guest co-host gofasterplease joins us on bosco’s mic. Topics include space travel, the upcoming monster movie Chartarum, the secret America, Laur’s Lucha Liberty Thinking Liberty poster, Liberty On Tour, copyright and the creator-endorsed mark, ownership of children, outlawing self defense, an update on bile’s court case against the DHS, ACLU and 2nd Amendment cases, fines for picking up trash and the state forbidding recycling, the mass arrest of Free Keene activists, Wikipedia’s List of Misconceptions, fascism, and the border between the USA and Mexico.

Music heard: Pill Shovel by Monster Magnet, War Pimp Renaissance by Lard, Let There Be More Light by Pink Floyd, The Space in Between by How to Destroy Angels

Thinking Liberty to advertise with Liberty On Tour

Friday, July 16th, 2010


KEENE, NH – Thinking Liberty is a relatively new anarchist internet radio show which, according to its website:

features insightful and bombastic discussion of world news and movements for freedom. We bring on guests who are building liberty, take calls, chat with listeners, and always keep an eye and a mouth on practical ideas for advancing freedom today.

They’re stacked with a hard core, principled host such as; Antonio Musumeci aka Bile, who has several liberty minded websites such as BlogOfBile; Darian Worden, author of the book ‘Bring a Gun To School Day‘; Ryan Tolboom aka bosco, another great mind of anarchism and Tennyson McCalla, talented photographer andprincipled libertarian.

Their show is on every Tuesday at 8 pm (Est) but you can get all their episodes at their website.  Download them to your PC, Mac or mp3 player of choice, it’s that easy to get a clear understanding of true liberty.  We’re glad to have Thinking Liberty on board with us becase we’re ‘thinking’ about ‘liberty’ all the time.

If you’d like to help us cover the costs of this and other advertising schemes please consider donating to the show or help spread the word by pointing people to the site, Facebook and Twitter feed. There will also be promotional fliers and other goodies added to the Promote page coming in the near future.


Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Rosco (vandarcho botanist), Bosco’s evil twin, joins us in Bosco’s absence. Topics include Costa Rica’s government allowing giving in to the United States’ War on Drugs, the new charges against Bradley Manning, Independence Day and the American Revolution, how damn hot it is and what could be done about it in a transhumanist, post singularity world, http://neighborgoods.net and Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller from CopBlock.org and Liberty On Tour call in to discuss their recent arrests by Greenfield, MA police.

Music heard: Thrift by Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, Son of a Gun by KMFDM, Lay Lady Lay by Ministry, Redemption by Gackt