Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Topics include Liberty on Tour‘s Adam Mueller being aggressively approached by an officer in Edgewater, NJ; Uncle Sam propagandizing in Times Square; upcoming protests in support of Bradley Manning; guest Sharon Presley talks about Milgram experiments, demands of authority, social psychology, being critical of authority, Milgram experiment followups, her books on resisting authority; Thinking Liberty begging for donations; zapping Tennyson for talking off mic; Tennyson’s birthday; Bosco’s “Who am I?” game; nano-wire batteries; the state and federal government getting in the way of cleaning up the Raritan Bay; Bosco being a Wheels off Liberty H.O.M.O.; and the August 28th NJ libertarian “freaken picnic.”

Music heard: Reconquering the Throne by Kreator, Make Me Believe by Slick Idiot, For the Love of Chains by Impotent Sea Snakes, (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do by Filter / The Crystal Method.