Chris from Ohio speculates on the crew’s latest adventures

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

No show yet? Hmmm… Here’s a synopsis of what I’m postive has been happening: Bosco built a double kayak from popsicle sticks, and he and Tennyson rowed to London to join in the Femen topless protests. After their inevitable arrest (which was, of course, videoed by Bile), Darian bailed them out with his generous History TA stipend. On the way back from jail, the group passed by the Equadorian embassy and found that Julian Assange was hanging out there, awaiting a decision on his asylum request. After pints at the pub, Bosco and Assange (disguised as Tennyson) kayaked back to the Shire, where Assange will now be the Tuesday night cohost on FTL. Bile, Darian, and Tennyson moved on to Israel to meet Julian Heicklen, but that’s a story for another time.

-Chris from Ohio