Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Don’t Delay, Revolt Today!; “the future”; mind fruit; Canada to fall to neocon mammophants; Martin Luther King Jr.; Darian still hasn’t finished Trade War; would Marx choose Snickers or Whatchamacallits?; “Trenton Makes – The World Takes”; Brooke Kelley talks Puzzled, the liberty reality show; GMO foods; farming; hedonistic Darian being fed grapes; robots killing all humans; Julian Heicklen and his new charges of jury tampering; solidarity; Chris Christie doesn’t want to talk about concealed carry in NJ; Bosco would love just one truly honest politician; listener email; Manhattan Libertarian Party annual convention; tech news.

Music heard: All Night Buttobase by Guitar Wolf; Trouble by Amboog.a.lard; I Apologise by Prick