Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

G_Rizzle joins to talk reprap3D printing’s first copyright complaint; Xaq Fixx also joins us; Sony v. Hotz lawsuit ends; videogame stories; NYC Anarchist Book Fair; what’s important about today’s date; Keynesianism and their failures in economic policy; people who are ignorant regarding the facts of an argument they are making; Bosco’s radio setup; college stories; is schooling worth it?; PorcFest!

Music heard: Haunted by Gary Numan; Situation by Pig; An Unkind by Soundgarden.


Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Patriot act provisions fail to pass; Skynet vs. The Matrix; David D’Amato talks the recent middle east protesting and growing revolution; neo-paleo markism; Urban Dictionary; bile’s chalazion; FSP members push for a more open New Hampshire government; efficient activism; Anonymous hacks security company, movies, videogames; nanotech news; bosco’s dream of Darian dressed in a wedding dress; making boozie booze; Hackers; Sony sends bile DMCA takedown notice.

Music heard: Dawn of Seasons by Benedictum; Disappearing by Screaming Trees; Max Overload by Acid.