Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Winter Solstice; Free State Project’s Liberty Forum; Wikileaks updates; PAPD propaganda and smartphone app; Who Am I?; when did Darian start doing meth?; We Won’t Fly event on December 23rd, 2010; FCC passes net neutrality rules; soldier convicted of raping 14 y/o Iraqi; food safety regulation; the Obama administration to investigate cases of those indefinitely held; Joseph Sanchez from the Focus on the Food Chain campaign

Music heard: Death Whispered a Lullaby by Opeth; Noon by Slava Tsukerman; Back At You by Mobb Deep

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Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Kevin Carson’s birthday; FBI’s website talks anarchist extremism; activist tactics; GovernmentAbuse.info; being more likely to die by cop than by terrorist action; Bosco’s perfect smartphone; bile’s IRS refund update; The Onion article on men voting for a naked woman; bosco’s TRIPLE THREAT WHO AM I!!!; Futurama references; WeWontFly.com and the TSA opt out day of Nov. 24th; anarchists hold counter protest of a Nazi group in Arizona; gay female student expeled from school for living with dropped out girlfriend; Tennyson’s marathon of tech news.

Music heard: Half Ass Monkey Boy by Mother Love Bone; 21 Ghosts III by Nine Inch Nails; Ruby by Tweaker